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Start your education with a Beauty School education into Cosmetology and Barbering and enter into a career within one of the world’s most glamorous industries!

Trendsetters Beauty School

We would like to welcome you to an exciting career opportunity in the study of professional Barbering and Cosmetology.

Our qualified Instructors will give you hands on training.

You can confidently enter into a career within one of the world’s most glamorous industries!

Salon and spa industry careers are not only creative & enjoyable, they are lucrative. Earning potential that averages $50,000-100,00 annually $50,000 for 3rd year stylists & up to $100,000 or more for a salon owner

Programs of Study


Do you have a sense of form and artistry? Do you enjoy working with the public and helping people feel good about themselves? If so, the art of cosmetology might be right for you.


We offer quality training in Full or Restricted Barbering. Our qualified instructors will give you practical hands-on training in haircutting, facial massage, hairstyling and shaving techniques.

Student Testimonials

I studied under Mr. Collier 18 years ago. I have a very successful career working in a fantastic salon and it wouldn't be possible without him. Don't think twice about obtaining your education at his school. Do it and you will be happy you did.
Susan Davis Ferrell
Owner of Beauty Junkie
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Students may start classes every three months during the enrollment period months of (Mar-Jun-Sep-Dec). Enrollment is continuous during these months, so students can start on any date.

The Barbering programs require 1200 clock hours.

We offer two programs: Barbering and Restricted Barbering.

The difference in the programs: Barbering students complete all chemical services. Restricted Barbering students are not required to complete chemical services. The time it takes you to complete would be determined by the schedule you choose.

Cosmetology program require 1200 clock hours.

Includes hairstyling, haircutting, facials, cosmetics, manicuring and pedicuring

Schedule 1: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. T-W-Th-F (Sat, 9-3:30) – 34 hours per week – approximately 9 months to graduate

Schedule 2: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – T-Wed-Th (Fri, Sat, 9-3:30) – 27 hours per week – approximately 12 months to graduate

Schedule 3: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Tue, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. W-Th-Fri, 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Sat – 19 hours per week – approximately 16 months to graduate

The total price of school for Barbering Programs: $15,315.00. This includes: $14,400.00 Tuition, $150.00 Registration Fee, $200.00 Books, $465.00 Tool Kit and $100 Uniforms Cosmetology Program: $15,415.00. This includes: $14,400.00 Tuition, $150.00 Registration Fee, $200.00 Books, $565.00 Tool Kit and $100 Uniforms

The school will need a copy of your picture I.D., a copy of your social security card, a copy of your high school diploma or GED, and a copy of your tax transcript if you are applying for financial aid. If you are under 24 years of age, single and have no children, we will also need a copy of your parent’s tax transcript. You will also need to pay a $150.00 registration fee on the day that you register for class. Book fees of $200.00 are due the day class starts.

If you have any questions about any items listed above, please contact the admissions office and we will gladly assist you or answer any questions you may have. Please remember, we cannot complete your registration process without ALL of the items listed above.

New Enrollments: Eligibility for Leave of Absence is after 90 days of attendance. This leave of absence can be used for medical, personal, or anything else where you will need extended period of time off. You are allowed multiple LOAs within a 12 month period while you are in school. When you return from your leave you will start where you left off. If you do not return from your leave you will be dropped from the roll.

Once you have completed the required 1200 hours, you have taken and passed your final exams, completed the minimum required services, and have met all of your financial obligations, we will assist you in completing your state board exam application. You will be required to take an AIDS test. The results will be sent with your application. You will also be required to take a written exam; these exams will be administered by the State. Once you have mailed the application you will have approximately 2-4 weeks before you will take your State exam. Once you take the written exam you will be given results immediately. You are eligible to work when you have taken the exam. The School offers career placement but does not guarantee employment.

Students coming from out of state and wishing to enroll in our program may do so without paying anything
extra; the tuition is the same for everyone.

You may do additional hours over the required 1200 hours at no additional cost, provided there is not a break in your training. All hours must be done consecutively. If you take a break in the program, and then wish to return at a later date to complete additional hours, you will have to re-enroll and pay the current tuition rate for the additional hours.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call the school admissions office at (904) 388-4606. If you would like to stop by the school and take a look around our facility you may do that any time during school hours Tue – Sat 10 a.m. -3 p.m. We feel as if this is one of the most important decisions concerning your future and career and we want you to feel as if you have chosen the best school for you.

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